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Masonry News June 27th, 2009

As more and more people have been realizing the value of improving their outdoor living spaces, M & E Masonry & Sons, Inc. has been there to provide quality construction on a variety of projects–everything from installing brick paver and stone patios and pool surrounds to fireplaces, barbeques, pizza ovens, and full-on outdoor kitchens.

We are working on updating our own gallery to provide you with some examples of the many wonderful backyard transformations we’ve performed (pardon the delay, we plan to get those photos up very soon); in the meantime we thought we’d share some of our favorite outdoor living space images from around the web.

We hope you are able to draw inspiration from these photos and, when you are ready to start building the backyard of your dreams, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote or to answer any questions you may have.

Pool Brick Work

Outdoor Kitchen

Up against a brick wall

Outdoor Kitchen

Our new brick patio!

Outdoor Kitchen

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St Nicholas Residence 2 (Front)

Outdoor Kitchens – A Hot New Trend in Kitchen Designs

Outdoor Kitchen-HDR

Brick Patio with Fire Pit

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